Jun. 12th, 2009

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The pink peony flwapped out of its stays courtesy of the rains, but all of the white peonies (I split it into three to move it from the shade of the maple) have at least one flower that will be opening soon. (I've not been out yet, so one might have). The magentas insofar as they produced buds at all, I had to pinch the buds for being duds. I ended up splitting it into much smaller pieces than I intended, so I guess they're balky. Next year, I hope.

Iris are doing their fireworks. I can really tell some of them I've had longer, just on the basis of how many of the same color I'm getting.

The first flush of the bluet has finished, but more are coming along. The rose is blooming as are the clematis. Little green drupes have formed on the raspberries, and it's just a question if they'll start ripening while I'm gone. The gayfeather has gotten to the point it can push the hardy geranium up out of its way.

Yes, I got the unmarked plant into the ground, and the daylily I took from under the russian sage. Still haven't found the basil seeds. Do have some peas growing.


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