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They're cerise, two behind the pink peony bush (the tulips are taller than the peony buds) and one in front of the main crocus riot.

I looked at entries from years past--no stems on the daffodils so far. Some of the crocus have started the petal dissolve. Tulip leaves have curvature, in many spots though there are still young tip ups in some places. The original crocus are up in the lawn blooming when it's light, having joined the white ones already in progress.
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Various chaos is happening elsenet, so I thought I'd start a nest over here.

ETA2:Import of entries (seemingly) completed. Comments to go.
EDIT:So, I've got import being worked on (things were hitting elsenet issues, hopefully they'll be successful later. Icons imported and I uploaded a few from my hard drive.

Hope people are having a good spring.
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This time my first crocus bloomed in the colony on the south side of the lilac. It's a small type, purple outside and light inside, with a red pistil surrounded by orange stamens.

In other garden news daffodil, tulips and crocus leaves are poking up everywhere. Still have snow on the north side of the house, in the bed between the drive and path, and in the shade garden.

Yay, Spring!
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The play is Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party, it's on Off-Broadway (it's been being staged in various places already) July 27 at 7:00pm - September 5 at 10:00pm. Its three acts can be presented in six permutations, the audience votes.

Acorn Theatre @ Theatre Row
410 West 42nd Street (btwn 9th and 10th)
New York, NY
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So, a ridiculous number of iris are in the driveway.
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So, there are day lilies everywhere bursting in color (not really everywhere, but) and I think they're more all going to show a few blooms this year. Some of them are very similar. I started the process of iris borer patrol, have a pile of iris getting rained on before they go back into the ground/holding pots. Raspberries are nearly done, so I'll be cutting canes out pretty shortly.
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So, the tulips are nearly at an end, the fringed cerise still look good and the verdigris, and the camissa are blooming, the iris have started and I can see the clumps split from the original 'homestead iris' The cranesbill are blooming, the clematis has an opened bloom and the peonies are swollen with buds.

The lilac is over, the lilies of the valley scent, and the new buddelia is in th the 2nd bed. Allium balls float over the garden and the lace elder has clusters to open soon. False dragonhead has multiplied well and both leadplants have made it through.
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The violets have started blooming, and the cerise species tulips punctuate the yard, while many of the crocus are past prime. Bumble bees have started flights and the hyacinths are starting to have more color and less sci-fi design. Daffs have heavy buds and I expect one to open tomorrow.

May have lost the new mum to the snow melt of the clothesline bed. Mum by elder doing well, and one in first bed looks good. Centura mounds, lambsears, fans of iris and daylily and various bloom leaves are doing the bulk of the work. Sea holly was snug under a mat of leaves.
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The past few days of spring have been fun if a lot of work, but now there is snow icing the crocus (the first opened the 16th, in the sunniest part of the backyard, but over the days a veritable bonnet of blossoms beam in many places, including a few in the front (an earlier type than the first year's.)) Guess the hellebores will get to bloom in the snow.
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While last winter I did get the bowling balls plucked from the snow, not all of them were found until thaw. New growth is appearing on the asters, the hardy geraniums, sedums and at least one of the ladysmantles. Other plants brought some of their leaves through, or got new ones together under cover of snow.

Saw a furbearing mammal today, it dove under the ice.


Dec. 9th, 2009 08:19 pm
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, cynaravurzyn sent to me...
Twelve saraids drumming
Eleven cjk1701s piping
Ten majiliques a-leaping
Nine mamadebs dancing
Eight lhflus a-gardening
Seven greensages a-writing
Six st_crispins a-tatting
Five ce-e-e-edaras
Four books
Three garage sales
Two sherlock holmes
...and a slash in an addams family.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Snow has come and looks to stay awhile. I've not fished the bowling balls out of it yet, but other than that, and some mustard leaf and onion harvesting I'd already ended the garden season.
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October killed the tomatoes, and most all of the plants have been cowering in the basement for weeks, though November has been very pleasent. I planted the mints in the frontmost side bed, because I was thinking winter was at hand.

I'm considering some shrubbery next year. Still have bulbs to plant.
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I repotted some of my container plants, and all of the tender perrenials are in the garage or other shelter, and I've put blankets and things over the tomatoes. I didn't bushel the mums, because it's not going to be that cold, hopefully.
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Well, today I saw the hummingbird apparently sipping from the phlox, It worked from bloom to bloom on the head. Glad it was able to get some use.

I think I'm going to use alongside the garage as a mint run.
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I've got a novella SG-1/TS/Pretender/MacGyver that needs a strong critical beta.

Really, seriously.

This puppy has been beta-ready since Oct 2007.

If you want to see what my writing is like, take a swing through Keystone is the one this is most like, both in length and in being a crossover, and hey guess what, it even is the prequel to what needs to be betaed.

If you have what it takes, please inquire,

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He was having to watch himself. More than usual; he never forgot that there were eyes and ears he couldn't neutralize.

Napoleon was his problem. Matters would be easier if his partner weren't so perceptive. They'd both be dead. Instead, he had fallen for his all too American, all too male partner. His worldly, debonair, occasionally naive, partner, who had a haphazard way with languages yet wove beautiful lies worldwide.

So far, Illya had escaped detection. Deflected Napoleon's inquiries.

He scowled at his door as he heard 'the knock.' He stood, opened it.

"We need to not talk." Napoleon entered.
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Illya looked, as he pulled back from the kiss, at Napoleon. His partner, consummate hedonist, had closed his eyes. Illya could contemplate which Renaissance master could have limned the dark lashes and smooth skin best while he was on his plane. Napoleon opened his eyes. Illya turned, not quite fast enough to avoid consideration.


Illya stopped. His reactions to his partner were why he was leaving. Then Napoleon's hand was on his shoulder, and he permitted himself to be turned.

Napoleon looked at Illya's face from several angles. He checked his eyes. He stroked Illya's hair. Spoke softly, "Stay."
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They had told him his partner was dead. In spiteful, anguishing detail. They hadn't reckoned it would just further motivate him to escape and complete the mission. Not in revenge. As a tribute.

Seeing him, battered, bruised, blessedly alive--words were meaningless. They melded their mouths, their breaths.

Napoleon shot the first THRUSH, but Illya took down the other two. His left-hand changed its message back to the task at hand. Agents' work, never done.

Chibi fic

Aug. 27th, 2009 08:41 am
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You didn't always win. You sometimes lost Innocents. The bad guys weren't always caught.

This could become too much, agents were human, whatever Waverly thought. Napoleon held Illya.

Tears couldn't wash everything away. Agents improvised. He'd catch Illya, Illya would catch him.
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