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Napoleon held onto Illya, his arms wrapped around his partner. He'd managed to get a blood sample, it was in a hard case inside his jacket. They'd shot Illya up with who knew what all. Medical would have to figure it out, but he'd learned over the years how to make their job easier, when he could.

He moved his face against Illya's. Whatever to keep Illya calm and off his leg. He expected it was only the drugs that kept Illya from realizing how he'd been worked over. If he stayed quiet, they might last until they were retrieved.
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Yeah, well, haven't made that update to my site. I've been gardening. The eldest mum has been blooming for awhile. Yes, a mum. I know, it's August. A mum. I might get roses if the Japanese beetles don't eat them.
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I'm going to (when I'm not using sunlight) set up a separate SlashtheDrabble page on my website. Updates may be a little erratic, but I've also got everything recent on my lj.

Thanks everyone that's commenting!
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Yes. Being an archaeologist or an astronaut. Juggle. Capodimonte Park. Romanesco
Listening Woman. Classified. Yes. Procrastination. irc. Gardening. Sarcastic. Fandom conversation. Summer in a laundry. Elbows on backwards.
The neighbors'. Currently, no. 45 min to midnight. Which type? Taller.
Conscience. Brown. No. Bottle. Mortgage. Free. Monkey. Yes. Garden. No
Apostrophe abuse. writer. Yes.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to OTW and their online journal. Go and take a look around

There's an interview with Henry Jenkins and some interesting non-U.S. articles. Other parts of the site are in beta, so they could really use your help on the wiki.

And, if you have all your fic on geocities, or know an author that does, they've got some archiving space. Get the word out, k?
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Illya is in our bed. Perfection
Lying stretched out, exhausted, asleep, here.
Love him, I undress and join
Yesterday he was a world away
Abundance as I hug him close.
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This is a short story. It's PG. It does need a Warning, and that Warning is a spoiler.

Mistakes Made

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Jul. 15th, 2009 11:56 pm
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Had my first from my garden this year today. A mini yellow (an oblong 'cherry')
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This is a drabble for [ profile] slashthedrabble's current challenge.
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I'll be posting more of my fannish stuff directly here, with links from my communities. You'll still get the garden reports.

Speaking of, the raspberries are coming to the end of the fruiting, the cardinals are totally not eating Japanese beetles, but yesterday I did manage to do some serious gardening. The sun was baking the mosquitoes into submission. The daylilies have been in full riot now for awhile, and there are still ones that haven't opened a bud (but will soonish).


More Garden

Jul. 5th, 2009 07:12 pm
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Trust you had a good weekend and still have all fingers and toes. The raspberry bushes are producing well. I replanted most of the iris I hunted borers on; the mosquitoes chased me inside early. I tidied up some after the tulips and shook out the seed of the species tulips.

The Japanese beetles are eating my roses again. Tomatoes are doing well.
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I returned Thursday about an hour later than scheduled. Boy had there been a lot of growth while I was gone. The mallow had begun to bloom and had totally splayed in my absence. The raspberries had not (as I'd feared) ripened while I was gone. I had the first two today.

There are some Japanese beetles appearing in the yard, but I do get to see that my rose is blooming. By the number of hips, it must have flushed while I was gone. I've now gotten the yard cut back into something like control.

Daylilies are just starting up, the white lilies with chocolate sprinkled centers have some blooms open, and the monarda are joining the party. I've also started the iris borer patrol.
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