May. 26th, 2009

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I did finally plant the onions, all the glads and cannas, the tomato plants are now in the ground after weeks of the garage and driveway shuffle, and I've rearranged many daylilies to regularize the beds best I'm able. The side yard tree peony set 4 flower buds bigger than a pingpong ball and all have been open the past several days. The flowers are huge, like soup-plate huge. Today one of the Siberian iris unfurled in the afternoon. Several iris are in bloom in various parts of the yard, after starting with one here one there.

One of the Johnny pop-ups peeked out from a ball of hardy geranium, so I got it relocated and found places for the yellow flowering splurge. The splits from the ajugas are once more in the ground and not pots. I do have a plant I got at one of the Four Sales back at the start of the month without a tag still in a pot (bigger than what it had came in)

I've two groupings of tomato plants, seven in a bed north of the pink peony (which has been a bush for many weeks), five in the first bed I broke, each group with an honor guard of petunias. Must start basil soon. Most of the transplanted peonies have a or several flower bud(s), and the others may just be having a slow start. The mum just south of my house's back wall has had leaves for some time, but only within the past week have the other mums joined it in having some I couls see.

The lilac finished its blooming basically two weeks ago. The tulips are just about done, a few parrots and the white verdis not ready to be deadheaded. Spheres of the smaller alliums (around tennis ball) stud the yard, the buds for the larger and for the brand new 'wackies' are visible. The raspberries just started flowering.


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