Feb. 17th, 2009

cynaravurzyn: Blair Sandburg (not just for enchiladas)
Since this is a fannish lj, despite how many of my posts revolve around my garden, I take it as given if you're here (taps the mike) then you are a reader, a manip/art viewer, video fancier. You may even produce any or all of the aforementioned.

Have you sent a letter of comment today? This week? The past month? If you can't say yes, why? You know from the disclaimers there is no monetary compensation. Work for its own sake may be very good, but creativity is lonely toil and a friendly word means so much.

I don't expect every reader/audience member to comment on everything. But please, don't think, should you be moved by something, that just because it's more than a month old, that you shouldn't clap your keyboard with a quick thank you.

This also applies to paper zines. Most of them have editors that are happy beyond words to pass along comments to their contributors. Wouldn't you compliment a neighbor on their yard if you liked seeing the flowers? (This always gets me talking to my neighbors, and I've at times wanted to leave a letter of comment when I didn't see the 'gardener'.) Fandom is a neighborhood, bounded not by space but choice. Stop and say 'hi' once in awhile.


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